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  • 50-3 RF Cables with SMA-TNC connector Cable Connector
50-3 RF Cables with SMA-TNC connector Cable Connector

50-3 RF Cables with SMA-TNC connector Cable Connector

    • Removable RF connectors are generally used to connect feeders to equipment and different types of cables. The effect is that sometimes the feeder is not long enough. When the feeder needs to be extended or the feeder needs to be connected to the device, the conversion of the connector is required.

    • Adapters, also called adapters, are used for the connection between connectors and connectors in the communication transmission system, and play a role in transferring connectors.

    • The quality and type of feeder are important factors that directly affect the receiving effect and signal transmission quality

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  • 50-3 RF Cables with SMA-TNC connector

  • Connector A: SMB female jack connector right angle ( center is hole female pin )

  • Connector B: BNC male connector straight ( center is plug male pin )

  • Impedance: 50 ohm

  • Gold plated contacts: ≥24 - 48 hours

  • Salt spray test: ≥24 hours,enhanced corrosion resistance

  • Mounting: machined brass construction crimp & soldered mount

  • Connection Protection: Black Heat Melt Shrink Tube Versafit or equivalent

  • Operating frequency: Higher quality,≥1.2Ghz 2.4Ghz 3Ghz 6Ghz 8Ghz...( we can also customize 12Ghz 18G...)

  • Temp range: -65 ~ +165 (PE cable -55 ~ +85)

Value Points

  • The main task of the feeder is to effectively transmit the signal energy, transmit the signal power from the transmitter to the input of the transmitting antenna with minimum loss, or transmit the signal received by the antenna to the input of the receiver with minimum loss, and at the same time No spurious interference signals are generated, so that the transmission line must be shielded. When the physical length of the feeder is equal to or greater than the wavelength of the transmitted signal, the transmission line is also called a long line.

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