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Use RFID linen transceiver cabinet to reduce linen management costs

Use RFID linen transceiver cabinet to reduce linen management costs

Dirty linen recycling and clean linen distribution in the hospital caused time-consuming handover, cross-infection of dirty linen, and inaccurate handover data due to untimely processing. The research and development of RFID medical fabric management system and rfid washing management system, the newly developed RFID linen recycling machine and distribution cabinet for hospital departments are fully functional and highly intelligent, and are favored by hospitals.

The RFID linen receiving and dispatching cabinet is divided into a linen recycling cabinet and a hair closet. The linen recycling cabinet is mainly for the intelligent recycling management of hospital linen to be washed and the surgical gowns used in the operating room. The recycling cabinet automatically recycles the dirty linen used by hospital departments. The system automatically records the relevant information of linen, statistical specifications and quantities, and returns the information to the management system.

The RFID hair closet is authorized by the hospital department. The washing plant operator will place the washed linen in the corresponding hair closet according to the system prompt. The hospital department staff swipes the QR code or work permit to help themselves get clean linen. The system automatically records the relevant information.

Through non-contact reading, the system automatically recognizes the information association between personnel and clothing; accurately records the status information of each link to avoid omissions, which can be checked and managed; is associated with the operating room scheduling, uses a variety of distribution management strategies, and regulates the entry and exit operations The behavior of the staff in the room; the design of humanized function and operation interface simplifies the recycling process of clothes distribution and improves the efficiency of surgery.

The matching use of RFID linen recycling machines and distribution cabinets for hospital departments will improve:

1. The use of RFID linen sending and receiving cabinets can reduce the number of hospital linen management staff and reduce the management cost of linen;

2. The linen handover between the washing plant and the hospital department is all achieved through the equipment, without the need for staff in the hospital department to arrange and manual inventory, the handover data is real-time, accurate and transparent, reducing disputes;

3. Intelligent and seamless docking with RFID washing management system, the sending and receiving management of linen can be extended to the washing link, and the hospital department can grasp the data of each link of linen washing in real time;

4. It is convenient for the washing plant to understand the usage data of dirty linen to be recycled and clean linen in real time, and make arrangements for the collection and delivery of linen in advance.

5. The system is cost-effective, easy to use, and low in implementation cost.

RFID washing management is currently mainly used in hotel, laundry and hospital linen washing management. By sewing a strip-shaped RFID tag on each piece of linen, the tag has a globally unique identification code, and hospital departments use RFID linen In the receiving and sending cabinet, the dirty linen is thrown into the recycling cabinet. The recycling cabinet automatically reads the linen and counts the quantity and specifications without using additional reading equipment. The entire process is fully automatic and intelligent, to avoid linen leakage and human losses. When the linen is collected, the system automatically generates a delivery order. The linen handover between the hospital department and the washing plant is completed through the management system. There is no need for manual inventory, and there is no need for the department to arrange staff. The handover data is accurate and transparent, greatly improving work efficiency. Reduce disputes. At the same time, the hospital department can also grasp various data such as the washing cost, washing times, washing quantity and other data of the linen washing link through the management system in real time. By tracking the washing times, the linen life can be estimated and provide reference data for the linen purchasing plan. Hospital departments use RFID linen transceiver cabinets and the washing plant's RFID washing management system to achieve seamless connection in all directions, improve the efficiency of the overall operation, and fundamentally reduce management costs.



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