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The process of electronic label picking in intelligent warehousing

The process of electronic label picking in intelligent warehousing

With the development of information technology, the production management methods of modern manufacturing enterprises are becoming more and more intelligent, and warehouse management is no exception. As an important part of enterprise management, warehousing management is an important means to ensure the timely, accurate and effective supply of materials in the production process, and it can help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and realize refined storage management.

In the scope of operations covered by intelligent warehousing, picking operations have always been a very important part of them, often consuming a lot of manpower and material resources. In traditional warehousing management, the company's investment in picking operations accounts for a large proportion, which is almost half of the total operating costs of the warehouse. However, the actual effect is not very satisfactory, because the warehouse picking staff will spend a lot of time looking for the warehouse In terms of location, the picking efficiency is very low.

In order to continuously improve the picking efficiency, increase the production efficiency, and meet the individualized needs of the enterprise's production management, choosing to introduce the Smere electronic label picking system can effectively solve the above problems. The electronic label picking system is a series of electronic display devices installed on the shelves to assist the picking staff. It is generally deployed based on the technical principles of orders or batches, which are called "fruit picking" and "seeding picking ". In the following, we will explain how the electronic label picking system improves the efficiency of picking from the process and strategy of electronic label picking in intelligent warehousing.

The general process of warehousing and picking operations: the system releases orders → generates a picking strategy → outputs a picking order → plans the picking path → picking → confirms completion and opens a new order

As can be seen from the above process, in the warehousing management, each process of the picking operation is initiated and driven by the production order of the enterprise, and then the picking operation path is optimized according to the storage layout, and the entire process is scheduled according to the production organization mode of the enterprise. After the warehouse receives the order instruction, the system will select the appropriate picking strategy according to the production scheduling requirements: order-based picking or batch-based picking.

1. Based on order picking (fruit picking)

This is the most basic picking method in intelligent warehousing. The system will decompose each customer's order into picking orders according to the storage layout, assign them to pickers in different areas, and generate a picking path. After the picker picks the goods, they are sent to the centralized area for consolidation, and after review and confirmation, they are handed over to the next distribution process. The picker continues to complete the new picking order.

2. Based on batch picking (seeding picking)

Seed picking is a common picking strategy that can further improve picking efficiency and reduce picking intensity. After receiving new picking requirements, the system will aggregate several orders, merge the same items into categories, and then compile picking orders according to the storage layout, dispatch them to pickers in different areas, and generate picking paths. The picker picks the goods and sends them to the corresponding article area. In this area, according to the needs of the production organization, you can pick the combination again according to the order, or you can directly review and hand it over to the next distribution process.

In general, the electronic label picking system is applied on the shelf, which can realize the intelligent picking operation, improve the picking efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of the operator, reduce the error rate, reduce the number of employees, improve the distribution efficiency, and sort and distribute the loose goods It has the incomparable advantages of other sorting methods, so it has broad application prospects in industries such as commercial chains, drug circulation, household appliances, electronic assembly, food and beverage, and auto parts.



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