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RFID technology realizes modern information management of underground pipe network

RFID technology realizes modern information management of underground pipe network

RFID technology enables modern information management of underground pipe network systems, and improves pipeline deployment, daily maintenance and operation management. The current underground pipe network resource management model has basically been unable to meet the growing demands of pipe network services, and has restricted the development of the city to a large extent. RFID technology means modernize the management of urban underground pipeline resources, develop a dynamic update mechanism for urban underground pipeline network information, establish scientific, accurate and complete underground pipeline network archives, use advanced technology management to collect pipeline network information, and complete archives and physical objects The precise correlation of pipelines improves the deployment, daily maintenance and operation management of pipelines.

The card issuance link of the underground pipe network management system based on RFID technology is to complete the basic information entry. Through the RFID card issuing device, the basic information of the pipe network facility is associated with the RFID tag information, and the RFID tag is installed in the appropriate location of the pipe network facility , Carry out precise identification and complete data entry.

In addition to basic information identification and storage functions, RFID tags also need to have the characteristics of moisture proof, acid and alkali proof, corrosion proof, and extrusion resistance, and can fully resist the drastic changes in the external environment. RFID tags need to be special according to the use characteristics of the pipe network Design.

In the daily maintenance, search and repair of the pipe network, the mobile data collection terminal of the underground pipe network management system based on RFID technology can collect the label information on the pipe network from a long distance, so as to obtain the label information from the background through wireless means. To the detailed pipe network information, complete the management of the pipe network.

The RFID mobile data collection terminal obtains comprehensive information of the pipe network through the information interaction with the RFID tag, which can realize accurate query during inspection or emergency repair, and accelerate the maintenance efficiency of the emergency repair work of cable facilities. According to the feedback, the mobile data collection terminal performs operational analysis, predicts equipment accidents, prevents and repairs early, effectively reduces the incidence of failures, improves the reliability of power supply, and brings significant economic benefits to the enterprise. At the same time, according to the company's own situation, the pipeline network inspection task can be formulated. The task list is downloaded to the mobile data collection terminal. The inspector can perform the inspection task according to the task list, which can further standardize the inspection route of the team members and greatly improve Improve the inspection completion rate and improve the operation level of power enterprises.

Using RFID technology to establish an underground pipe network information management system, the achievable benefits include: realizing the consistency of real-time pipe network management information with on-site information; rapid identification of on-site pipe network information, greatly reducing the management and maintenance costs of underground pipe networks; tag anti-theft , Anti-dismantling, anti-dragging, self-destructing design, suitable for use in various harsh environments such as high and low temperature, acid and alkali, humidity; optimizing business processes, standardizing inspection operations, and improving the level of enterprise operations.

RFID technology can easily collect data from dense urban underground pipelines and important facilities, so as to bind them accurately, safely and quickly. The underground pipe network management system based on RFID technology greatly improves the management level and work efficiency, and at the same time avoids potential dangers in use and maintenance. RFID electronic tags are used to identify underground pipelines. During routine maintenance, search and repairs, the use of RFID mobile data collection terminals to read electronic tags can quickly find relevant important information from the database, providing rapid, comprehensive and effective municipal management Information support. It can not only avoid the impact of large-scale excavation of roads in order to find pipelines on the lives of residents, but also ensure the accurate identification and safe management of underground pipelines, provide a new management model for urban municipal pipeline resources, and bring a wide range of economic and social benefit.



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