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RFID technology helps taxi management make travel smarter

RFID technology helps taxi management make travel smarter

In recent years, due to the increasing number of illegal and illegal phenomena such as fake license plates, evasion of annual inspections, misappropriation of license plates, conversion of stolen vehicles, etc., the illegal operation of "black taxis" and unfair competition have had a great impact on the industry. As the number of taxis continues to increase, RFID technology is used to double-identify taxi and driver information through RFID electronic tags to build a taxi electronic operation management and control platform.

There are various forms of "black cars" such as sets of cars, fake cars, clone cars, unlicensed cars, etc. in various parts of the country. These "black cars" have become the cancer of the city and the urban traffic order and society. A serious scourge of order; especially in the field of operating vehicles such as taxis, dirt trucks, passenger vehicles, etc., driven by interests, the problem is more serious, and the adverse impact on the social economy is more extensive and far-reaching.

Taxi management system (RFID) solves the problem of vehicle management for you

Using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, video assisting technology, wireless communication technology and computer network and other cutting-edge scientific technologies, taking the RFID electronic license installed on each vehicle as the information source, and the system management platform and data server as the operating center , Combined with the vehicle and vehicle owner information database and data update regularly, intelligently encrypt and identify the identity of the rental vehicle.

At the same time, use hand-held, vehicle-mounted, video and other equipment to obtain information automatically and in real time, and provide voice and digital alarms when abnormal conditions are found, and upload the audit information to the system management platform in time to form a dynamic, three-dimensional, strict and accurate Intelligent automated traffic supervision and inspection network, so that illegal vehicles such as fake cars, set cars, unlicensed cars, clone cars, smuggled cars, etc. are nowhere to hide, so that vehicles with traffic violations, accidents, owed cars, scrapped cars and other vehicles Nothing to hide, can greatly reduce the cost of traffic inspection, improve the efficiency of inspection, achieve targeted and humanized civilized traffic supervision, and improve the scientificity and effectiveness of the daily management of law enforcement departments, is to build a "harmonious traffic" Powerful weapon.

On-board inspection system: On-board inspection system is installed in traffic law enforcement vehicles. Law enforcement personnel can drive traffic law enforcement vehicles to conduct vehicle inspections anywhere within the jurisdiction, integrate dynamic image recognition technology and RFID radio frequency recognition technology, use image recognition of physical license plates and vehicle characteristics, and remote recognition technology of RFID anti-counterfeiting ceiling lights. Through the data processing system, the vehicle's physical characteristics and electronic information are automatically compared. If a problem vehicle is found, voice and digital alarms are issued immediately to prompt law enforcement personnel to intercept. The system can not only perform dynamic inspections on vehicles traveling at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, but also follow-up inspections on moving vehicles while moving, and can also inspect parking vehicles.

Handheld inspection system: The handheld inspection system consists of two parts: a radio frequency signal receiving system and a data processing system. The hand-held inspection system is carried by law enforcement personnel to carry out vehicle inspections anywhere within the jurisdiction. Law enforcement personnel can identify the taxi's RFID electronic license at close range, and automatically compare the vehicle's electronic information through the data processing system. If the comparison is unsuccessful, a voice and digital alarm will be issued immediately to prompt the law enforcement personnel to process.

Fixed inspection system: The fixed inspection system consists of four parts: an image recognition system, a radio frequency signal receiving system, a data processing system, and a wireless or wired transmission system. The fixed inspection system is generally installed at a specific road location. The system automatically monitors vehicles passing through the inspection range. When an illegal vehicle or a problem vehicle is found and identified, the system will automatically alarm and quickly upload the vehicle information to the management platform. On the nearby hand-held inspection system, law enforcement personnel promptly seized the illegal vehicle or problem vehicle based on the alarm information.

The fixed type also has another installation method, which is installed in fixed taxi special passages such as airports, stations and commercial districts. By adopting automatic identification of vehicle electronic information, illegal vehicles cannot enter, greatly reducing the occurrence of black cars attracting passengers and slaughtering passengers in the area.

RFID technology has effectively strengthened and standardized the management of the taxi industry, which not only maintains the stability of the urban taxi passenger transport market, but also ensures the healthy and orderly development of the taxi industry. Effectively improve the satisfaction of citizens in urban traffic, thus escorting the harmonious society.



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