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RFID technology helps farms to open up new areas

RFID technology helps farms to open up new areas

With the rapid economic development and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, the diet structure of consumers has undergone great changes. The demand for highly nutritious foods such as meat, egg and milk has greatly increased. The quality and safety of food have also received great attention. There is a mandatory requirement for the traceability of the quality and safety of meat products. Breeding management is the basic data source of the entire management system. RFID technology collects and transmits data in a timely and effective manner is one of the key links for the normal operation of the entire system. The RFID electronic ear tag is the most basic medium for the validity of all data of livestock in the farm. Create a unique and identifiable "electronic ID card" RFID electronic ear tag for each cow.

In the process of beef breeding and production, European developed countries have adopted advanced breeding and production management systems to strictly manage the breeding, production process and product quality. To some extent, in the beef food safety management industry chain, cattle breeding should be the most important link. The management of the breeding process is to effectively manage the breeding personnel to ensure the electronic management of cattle during the breeding process. In order to achieve the informationization of the whole breeding process, and part of the automated management.

The construction of quality and safety management system for meat food in breeding, production, transportation, sales and other links, especially the construction of traceability system for meat production enterprises, and the successful implementation of the whole process of breeding and production of cattle, pigs and chickens . The aquaculture management system can help enterprises achieve information management in aquaculture, establish a good brand image in the industry and the public, significantly improve product competitiveness, and improve the management and control level of base farmers through management methods to achieve a win-win and Continue to develop.

The beef cattle breeding management system is a systematic project that will achieve the following goals:

Basic goal: to realize the information management of the breeding link and establish an electronic information file for each cow. Use information technology, biological safety control technology, early warning technology, remote monitoring technology, etc. to realize a new one-stop model of healthy farming management information mode;

Management improvement: The enterprise has realized the optimized management of the breeding link, the assignment of duties and responsibilities, and the management of the personnel in the breeding link at a glance; on this basis, it can be easily connected with the existing information management system of the enterprise to realize the information construction of the enterprise;

Market development: to realize the information management of cooperative farms or cooperative farmers and their products, to help the farms or farmers improve the feeding management technology, to realize the standardized management of the epidemic prevention and immunization process, to realize the standardized management of feeding, and to ensure the fattening of cattle by cooperative households The information can be checked and traced back during the repurchase, so that we know the cooperative feeding process to ensure the quality and safety of the company's products, and finally guarantee a long-term win-win situation, forming a community of interests of enterprises + farmers.

Brand promotion: A strict traceability management system for high-end consumers is realized. Inquiry machines are set up in terminal stores and counters to enhance the brand image and attract high-end crowds.

Identification of cattle out of the circle: As long as the cattle with ear tags pass through the breeding access control channel, there is no need to stay through naturally. The system will automatically identify the cattle's ear tags and can quickly record the situation and time of the cattle in and out of the circle.

Infrared counting function: when the cattle are released from the circle, after passing the breeding access control system, the system will record the number of cattle in the circle and the number of cattle in the circle through the infrared access control system, and can know which one is through the ear tag The cattle did not enter and exit the circle.

Breeder management function: When the breeder wants to stock the cattle, the access card access management system must be swiped with the identity card before the channel can be opened to carry out the stocking work of the cattle. Reach one person or more than one person in a circle.

Real-time data management: All data and quantity are transmitted in real time, from the passing of cattle to the statistics of the quantity and quantity. The quantity report is displayed immediately on the same day to achieve real-time monitoring of the number of cattle in and outside the circle.

The RFID beef cattle breeding management system platform is applied to the automatic identification and control of beef cattle, to realize the collection and processing of various information for each batch and each cow. The collection and visual management of production and processing regulations through RFID technology, and the tracking and tracing of information recognition during processing and sales have very important practical significance and value for animal husbandry food safety and health management.



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