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RFID technology helps blood bank to establish information platform

RFID technology helps blood bank to establish information platform

Blood solves a large number of medical problems. However, improper blood treatment is one of the channels for the spread of various diseases. Blood collection, storage, transportation, and use require strict process control. The application of RFID technology, by binding RFID electronic tags on blood bags for information binding, effectively promotes hospital blood resources, thereby improving blood inventory , Plan, schedule control to ensure the accuracy and quality of information.

Diseases caused and spread by blood infections, such as AIDS and liver disease, are caused by irregular collection of blood. Therefore, the management of blood requires a reasonable plan to ensure the safety of blood, and it is imperative to strengthen blood management.

Each blood has a unique identification: RFID electronic tags are installed on each blood bag, this tag is unique in the world, which records various information of blood, such as blood storage location, time, etc., including and other blood banks The transfer in and out, perhaps used by hospitals, always keep track of the only RFID tags.

Reduce the probability of blood contamination: The system uses RFID non-touch radio frequency identification technology, which eliminates manual touch and reduces blood contamination. Useful to ensure the safety of using blood.

Complete scientific blood information management: when blood is stored, set the useful period of the blood. When the blood is not needed for a long time, if the useful period is reached, the system will automatically alert you that the useful period has arrived, and the operator can quickly find the blood You can set the orientation of the time and set it freely.

Multi-tag identification improves operation efficiency: After electronic tags are attached to each blood bag, RFID readers can be used for identification, so that manual statistics are eliminated, and data can be transmitted to the system management center in real time after identification , Gathering management, reducing errors, and predictably improving the efficiency of operations.

Real-time tracking management: After using RFID technology, it can effectively track the blood quality, storage, and transportation, ensuring blood safety and standardized management.

RFID technology and computer technology monitor the quality of blood in real time, so that the entire industry chain is clear and transparent, free from pollution. The application of RFID technology allows real-time monitoring and interconnected tracking of blood quality, and truly realizes the information and intelligent management of blood management. This continuously improves work efficiency and truly implements scientific and safe blood management.



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