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RFID technology creates an era of smart core for clothing management

RFID technology creates an era of smart core for clothing management

In traditional industries such as clothing and electronics, the manufacturing management cost of each product is getting higher and higher. In order to improve the management efficiency of enterprises, optimize the management process of enterprises, and improve the production efficiency through information transformation has become an effective method. With the rapid development of RFID technology, RFID electronic label technology is widely used in the clothing retail industry. RFID technology introduces commodity sales and inventory management processes, and many industries have already tasted the charm brought by the Internet of Things technology. The application of RFID supply chain management in the clothing industry has become very important. RFID electronic tags are sewn into clothing or hang tags with RFID electronic chips during clothing production, and each RFID electronic tag is associated with product information. After the information is bound to the clothing through the RFID electronic tag, the data is automatically identified and collected for statistics. RFID technology creates an era of smart “core” for clothing management.

The production line management system based on RFID technology has become one of the effective plans to deal with the above problems. By selecting RFID technology, the system can automatically collect production data and equipment status data, provide production managers with "real-time data" of all process steps of the production line, and can Combined with the process characteristics of each process equipment and related process and quality index parameters, online monitoring and analysis of production information such as process parameters and equipment operating parameters of each important link of production are carried out to assist the enterprise to complete the semi-finished product process and product process in the production process. The automation and information integration of metering and warehousing management in and out of the warehouse, and then automatic and real-time tracking of production operations, can effectively supervise each production position, the stability of product quality and the implementation rate of process parameters.

The widespread use of RFID will likely replace barcode technology in a few years, bringing revolutionary changes to retail, logistics and even global supply chain management. It is also the core technology of the Internet of Things. Compared with many foreign apparel brands constantly using RFID systems to strengthen the supply chain management of finished products, domestic well-known apparel brands are relatively silent. In the production process, RFID real-time production management systems are introduced. Currently, many well-known domestic and foreign brands use RFID technology for Supply Chain Management. The different attitudes and performance of domestic and foreign apparel brands facing RFID technology itself shows that a certain situation is about to be broken. The apparel industry is widely regarded as the industry most suitable for application of RFID technology management.

1. Business model of RFID technology in the apparel industry: Positioned as an RFID product and service provider, providing technical solutions for product or system integration for supply chain management and retail in the apparel industry.

2. The core value of the RFID technology business in the apparel industry is to improve the efficiency of storage and inventory of finished products and warehouse inventory for customers in the apparel industry, reduce the error rate of finished product shipments, avoid out of stocks of specific commodities, effectively control the flow of products, and eliminate channel channeling. Supply chain management innovation.

3. The consumer target group is concentrated in the domestic large and medium-sized apparel industry, which can be expanded to supply chain management, manufacturing, construction, libraries, luggage handling, container ports, sports timing, access control systems, transportation, military applications, etc. Each industry has a large business scope.

4. The value of RFID supply chain management is reflected in solving the problems of the entire supply chain and each link of the entire business process. Local application and application of one link do not solve any problems, but increase the degree of confusion in management.

5. The effect of RFID in the apparel industry is very obvious, but only with the effect of scale can its value advantage be reflected. The larger the scale of the apparel company, the wider the geographical distribution, the more personnel, the more factories and foundries and warehouses, the more scattered and in and out The more frequent the warehouse and the distribution, the more diverse the product color code combination, the greater the number of stores and sales outlets, the more complicated and difficult the management, and the higher the benefits RFID brings to it.

6. For customers in the apparel industry, the one-time investment in supply chain innovation using RFID is large. RFID is used in every link of the supply chain. It requires huge investment to see benefits. The average investment return period is about 1-2 years. Customers are prone to dilemmas in decision-making; most potential customers wait for competitors' trial and error in this technology, psychologically there is a concern that after the project is successful, "the team is digging corners, the equipment is copied", there are many waiters, so maintenance is required And manage customer relations.

7. The RFID market is in a stage of cultivation and gradual start, and a blowout has not yet occurred. The application of UHF is also limited to some aspects of logistics and supply chain management. There are huge application prospects in animal husbandry management, books, asset management, vehicle management, smart homes and smart cities. Many important business model innovations are urgently needed to be tapped. The cake is just beginning to be made.

8. The arrival of the RFID innovation technology application blowout period will bring endless innovation to the business models of many domestic industries. Whoever takes the lead will establish an innovative business model faster and earlier, thus laying a competitive advantage in the industry , You can see the successful case of Wal-Mart's application of RFID business model.

RFID UHF technology will create a new field of apparel management and become the core force in apparel management. RFID technology provides full real-time dynamic tracking and query, realizes the rapid transmission of information, provides information support for the rapid development of business, and solves clothing anti-counterfeiting, which greatly improves work efficiency. RFID apparel management helps apparel production, warehousing, retail, etc. to open up omni-channel data links and improve the management efficiency of various links. Accurately realize data collection and sharing, and further create an era of intelligent "core".



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