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RFID technology boosts the development of smart logistics

RFID technology boosts the development of smart logistics

The application of RFID technology in the logistics industry is becoming more and more extensive. At present, it is mainly in express delivery centers. For a large number of parcels and express delivery, RFID technology is used to realize the automation of express delivery and high-speed sorting. Using RFID technology, the collected data is transmitted to the automatic sorting system, and intelligent automatic sorting provides work efficiency, which wins a comparative advantage for the logistics industry in the fierce industry competition.

Secondly, in the process of express delivery, through the RFID posted on the express delivery, using GPS technology, real-time tracking of the express delivery, so that the sender and recipient can query the location of the express delivery through the Internet, to obtain a better service experience. The third is to manage the reusable vehicles, pallets and other assets of courier companies, using the readable and writable characteristics of RFID to record asset-related information in RFID, and then cooperate with relevant systems to achieve lean management of assets.

The emergence of RFID label printers is a technological revolutionary innovation, completing the revolution of data scanning from "tangible" to "invisible". RFID label printers are mainly used in logistics, hospitals, power, clothing and product traceability. With the rapid development of technology and the reduction of application costs, RFID technology will be popularized in our daily lives and become an inevitable trend of the times.

The traditional label needs to scan the label directly, and only one label content can be read at a time. The label on the label cannot be modified and is easy to copy; while the RFID technology is contactless, the operator does not need to see the label or text on the label Content, you can collect multiple tags at the same time within a certain distance. At the same time, the content of the tag chip can be encrypted, which is safer and more reliable. The application of RFID tags will bring more convenience to enterprises, realize fast and accurate batch data collection in a short time, and greatly improve work efficiency and accuracy.

The logistics industry is an important market for the Internet of Things applications. At present, intelligent logistics has created a comprehensive information service platform for logistics parks that integrates information display, park security and other functions. As the key technology for the development of smart logistics, RFID technology will provide high-tech protection for the development of the logistics industry and the improvement of the national economy.

Paste RFID electronic tags on the goods in the logistics warehouse to give each piece a mark, or mark the pallet to connect the goods to the pallet. Install antennas and RFID reader devices at the gates of the entry and exit warehouses. When the goods pallet passes through the gate, the tags will be read by the reader, so that the number of incoming and outgoing goods can be known by calculating the number of tags, and then automatically processed by the warehouse software In and out of the warehouse, complete the operation of automatic in and out of the warehouse.

The transportation and storage products of the logistics industry are diversified. The product types, commodity categories, operation processes and applicable environments of different industries are different. RFID technology performs automatic identification and collection of item information binding. RFID reading and writing equipment automatically checks and reports the electronic tags of the goods waiting to be released, automatically collects and collects the information of the goods, saves a lot of time more effectively, improves the work efficiency of employees, provides more information query, and the adoption of RFID technology allows Work becomes efficient.



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