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RFID technology allows parking lot to build an intelligent platform for management and control

RFID technology allows parking lot to build an intelligent platform for management and control

The parking lot is managed by RFID technology. When the vehicle is not parked, it can quickly identify and manage the vehicles entering and exiting, which effectively improves the efficiency of vehicle scheduling. Due to the increasing number of household cars, the management of parking lots has always required a lot of manpower to complete. RFID technology can enable vehicles to manage driving vehicles without parking. Such high efficiency makes vehicle managers and vehicle drivers feel very satisfied.

RFID intelligent parking management system adopts RFID technology combined with image digital processing and automatic control of intelligent parking management system to effectively solve the parking management problem. The design of RFID readers and RFID tags used in the parking lot management system is diversified, with readable and writable functions, and the reading and writing distance can be selected or customized according to actual needs. The RFID reader automatically reads the information of passive UHF RFID tags attached to the windshield, identifies, collects and records the data information of entering and exiting vehicles, and performs corresponding processing at the same time, such as vehicle release, vehicle entry and exit Parking lot information records, etc.

Compared with the traditional parking lot management system, the RFID intelligent parking lot management system has many characteristics and advantages. It can read RFID UHF electronic tags at a long distance, without the need to manually extend the card, which simplifies the operation process and shortens the vehicle access. time. The system management platform has high reliability, good stability, low maintenance costs, data backup and data recovery capabilities, and can be replaced in time after the UHF label is lost. RFID UHF tags have extremely high confidentiality and good anti-counterfeiting performance, which can ensure the safety of vehicles parked in the parking lot. The entry and exit of all vehicles are confirmed and counted by computer, which eliminates the mistakes of manual operation, protects the rights and interests of car park investors, and is also conducive to improving the quality and popularity of property services.

UHF RFID tag card, UHF RFID reader, UHF RFID antenna, computer server, parking lot control software, each vehicle owner is equipped with a unique RFID UHF windshield electronic label The relevant information of the vehicle and the owner is recorded on the RFID electronic tag. When the vehicle enters or exits, the RFID reader reads the information on the RFID tag card and transmits the corresponding information to the computer server. The computer passes the software Compare and judge the relevant information on the RFID UHF electronic tag with the information in the database. If the information on the RFID UHF tag is consistent with the information in the database, the computer sends a command to pass, the barrier opens to allow the vehicle to pass, and at the same time, the computer performs corresponding information on the user's RFID UHF windshield tag through the software Record processing, such as the time point information of vehicle entry and exit, etc., so as to facilitate the later call of information; if the information on the RFID UHF tag is inconsistent with the information in the database, the computer sends a command to prohibit passage, the barrier is closed, and the vehicle is prohibited from passing .

If the RFID electronic tag card chip is damaged or the card swipe system is faulty, and the barrier can not be identified and cannot be opened, it can be checked by a special duty officer to confirm the identity of the vehicle, and the duty officer can press the force on the barrier system. The switch button of the switch circuit realizes the opening of the barrier and the smooth passage of the vehicle.

The RFID vehicle identification system has been successfully applied to multiple yards, stations and parking lots, continuously improving the efficiency of vehicle dispatching and providing intelligent vehicle management. RFID fully automated data collection for vehicle entry and exit not only greatly improves the efficiency of urban vehicle management, prevents loopholes in manual operations, but also facilitates data archiving to ensure the safety and reliability of vehicle entry and exit; it also promotes urban automation construction and establishes a good society Image.



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