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RFID Internet of Things intelligent file management makes documents rejuvenated

RFID Internet of Things intelligent file management makes documents rejuvenated

Nowadays, with the rapid development of society, intelligence has been everywhere in our lives and work. The same is true of archives management. Compared with archives, how to "manage well" and "use well" are the two cores. First of all, without "management" will directly affect "use well". RFID Internet of Things intelligent file management makes the document rejuvenated. File management adopts RFID technology for automatic identification and statistics to realize intelligent management, fast, real-time and accurate. RFID Internet of Things intelligent file management makes the document rejuvenated.

Archives and archives need to build an intelligent archives that can adapt to the era of intelligent informatization. Then, to "use well" archives and archives is to build archives centered on users in a big data environment. To achieve fast, real-time, and accurate reflection, the construction of intelligent archives is very important. The core concept of the intelligent archives is intelligent services. To provide intelligent services, archives must integrate the premises, archives, network, data and users in the intelligent network to achieve effective mining, integration and utilization of the maritime structure generated by various interactive elements Purpose of structured and unstructured data.

RFID Internet of Things intelligent file management is used in archives. With the same number or fewer librarians, the quality of archives data management will be greatly improved. At present, a number of provincial archives have implemented the RFID intelligent archive management system and have started to use it steadily. In the future, RFID technology will have more intelligent archives entering the implementation stage.

At present, archives basically count the archive data manually, which makes it easy to lose archives and confuse the data. More advanced archives all use barcode technology as the recognition method to achieve these functions. However, although bar codes are cheap and easy to manufacture, they also have some inherent shortcomings that are difficult to overcome, such as easy to wear, small storage space, and must be affixed to the book. It is inconvenient to use and is not completely suitable for archives. RFID intelligent management will bring the following advantages and significance:

(1) Resources can be reasonably allocated

RFID intelligent management transforms the work of archives from manual registration and search of archives to automatic RFID search of archives, allowing managers to find the resources they need in the shortest time.

(2) Resources can be used efficiently

The intelligent management of RFID reduces the tedious workload originally undertaken by the administrator. The manpower expenditure of the archives is reduced accordingly, and the cost is reduced accordingly. Archive librarians use the saved time and human resources to extend the opening hours of archives, for deeper reference work and personalized services, etc., thereby increasing the utilization rate of archives.

(3) Safety is greatly improved

1) RFID tags have a unique global identifier and cannot be copied;

2) The label tearing is invalid, there will be an alarm prompt;

3) Equipped with anti-theft device to avoid illegal removal of files;

4) Real-time monitoring of file status and abnormal alarm;

5) Automatic statistics to avoid human error;

6) Automatic reminder of file borrowing due;

7) The file retention period expires, and it automatically reminds;

8) Real name registration is carried out for borrowing and returning files, and the operation data is permanently saved.

The archives RFID system uses multiple RFID system equipment, and integrates the corresponding archives management system, RFID application software system and monitoring system, access control system, temperature and humidity control system, intelligent dense rack system and other systems. Build an RFID application server platform. The platform will monitor and manage each terminal device of the RFID system in real time, and monitor and manage the data interaction between various application systems. The application server platform realizes the timely status check of each device and application system, and realizes the report and statistical functions of historical records.

Each device terminal of the archives RFID management system needs to be supported by a corresponding application software system to realize a more complicated business application process. The RFID terminal equipment and application software system will complete the file transfer function (borrow and return), and need to implement the functions of smart tag initialization, intelligent security detection system, file search, ordering and inventory checking.

RFID technology is the core technology of the intelligent book management system construction project. It adopts RFID radio frequency identification technology to achieve automatic, real-time, accurate and intelligent management. RFID radio frequency identification technology is the core basic technology of Internet of Things application technology, and it will also be a revolutionary new practical technology. In the application field, its characteristics of carrying large amount of information, non-contact identification, being able to read information of multiple items, and high reading and writing speed are more and more widely recognized and applied by society.



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