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RFID construction item storage technology makes management easier

RFID construction item storage technology makes management easier

The city is developing rapidly, and building construction has become a very important part. The development of construction engineering management is extremely rapid, and combined with technological means, the requirements of construction projects are getting higher and higher. The management of various project information building materials also uses high-tech. RFID construction item storage technology mainly uses RFID technology to affix an electronic label on each material to identify the attributes of the material. The management is characterized by improving the efficiency and accuracy of the management of storage, storage, inventory, etc., mainly using RFID technology for intelligent collection, real-time update of the database, and the use of RFID tags to trace the use of materials in the construction industry Function, to ensure that the enterprise can accurately manage the entry and exit of the material warehouse and inventory control, prevent the unclear loss and damage of materials without trace, and solve the problem of inconsistency between financial data and physical conditions. To help modernize building materials, scientific, safe and reliable management of building materials. RFID construction item storage technology makes management easier.

Put an RFID electronic label on each item, choose to be able to reuse for a long time, and apply to the harsh environment. Materials with RFID electronic tags are equivalent to assigning an ID card to each item of material. In the management of the entry and exit of materials, the information can be collected through fixed or hand-held. The label of each item of material is unique. There is no need to register manually in and out of the warehouse. It is automatically recorded, and the information of the owner of the asset is automatically associated when the material is registered. When the device is illegally carried out, the system automatically alarms.

RFID construction item storage technology performs sorting processing and carries out outbound management. If there is a large number of outbound warehouses, push the goods to the door of the warehouse in batches, use fixed readers to communicate with the tags, collect the RFID electronic tags of the outbound goods, check whether they correspond to the plan, if there is an error, as soon as possible deal with. For a small amount of goods, you can use the RFID handheld terminal for RFID electronic tag information collection (handheld scanner or RFID tablet), when an error occurs, an alarm will be issued, the staff should deal with it in time, and finally send the data to the management center Update the database to complete the export.

RFID technology quickly carries out warehouse management. According to the requirements of warehouse management, conduct regular and irregular inventory. When an inventory plan is in place, use an RFID handheld terminal to scan the inventory of the goods. The information of the inventory items can be transferred to the background database through the wireless network and compared with the information in the database. The difference information is generated and displayed in real time. On the RFID handheld terminal, it is provided to the inventory staff for verification. After the inventory is completed, the inventory information is checked against the database information in the background, and the inventory is completed. During the inventory process, the system uses RFID non-contact reading to read clothing and cargo information very quickly and conveniently. Compared with the traditional model, it will improve a lot of efficiency and accuracy of inventory.

Fully consider the system's scalability and security, and provide reasonable tools to ensure system security. System management mainly completes the correction and maintenance of system operating parameters. Complete operations such as permission assignment, addition, modification, and deletion of data forms. At the same time has a complete login program (user name and password). Different personnel grant different permissions, which are set by the system administrator. One-key data backup and recovery functions are also provided in the system to further ensure the security and continuity of business data.

The warehouse and traceability management of materials perfectly integrates the automatic identification of RFID technology, so as to collect data to realize automatic storage and management. The uniqueness of RFID electronic tags and materials are bound to meet the possibility of material traceability, and give full play RFID can be applied to complex construction sites and other environments in the construction industry, which is much more suitable than the service life of barcodes and harsh environments.



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