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RFID banking business management technology to achieve high efficiency and safety

RFID banking business management technology to achieve high efficiency and safety

In recent years, RFID technology has become more mature and more widely used. RFID technology has emerged in various industries. How can RFID technology be used in the financial field? RFID banking business management is efficient, real-time, and secure. RFID can be used for Bank bills anti-counterfeiting, RFID can help banks improve customer service quality. Various business management technologies of RFID bank realize high efficiency and safety.

At present, large commercial banks have already achieved a large national data concentration, and their national data centers have a large number of IT equipment. It is very difficult to track and manage these IT equipment. Through the application of RFID technology, China Construction Bank has installed RFID electronic tags on fixed assets such as bank data center cabinets and internal equipment, and installed RFID identification equipment in data center computer room entrances and cabinets, combined with computer room environmental monitoring software, automatic alarm system, and access The control system builds a complete asset management monitoring platform to achieve comprehensive visual tracking and monitoring of IT equipment, which greatly facilitates the management efficiency of IT equipment by data center managers.

RFID technology greatly improves the efficiency of bank asset management. Combined with the bank file management business process and the existing problems, a bank credit file intelligent management system based on RFID technology has been tailored for bank credit management. The introduction of RFID technology in the existing bank credit file management to achieve registration, document transfer, Electronic information intelligent control management of the entire process of archiving, lending, return, destruction, inventory, reminder, anti-counterfeiting of warrants, etc., the data of each link is automatically and quickly collected to ensure the speed and accuracy of data input in each business link, reducing manual operations Incorrectly control inherent risks, improve work efficiency, and make credit file management and collateral warrant management models tend to be standardized, refined, and intelligent.

RFID can also help banks improve customer service quality. Some banks in China have applied the IoT technology of the Internet of Things in their VIP customer management, by issuing VIP customers a VIP card that combines an ordinary UnionPay card with an RFID electronic tag. When the VIP customer arrives at the bank, the active reading device and one-way antenna can detect the VIP customer. Once the VIP customer enters the bank ’s door, his personal information, including his name, history and recent transactions, will be instantly recalled from the tailor-made application software database. VIP customer information is obtained from a local database and sent to a customer relationship manager, who personally greets VIP customers, greatly improving the VIP customer experience.

RFID technology is used for anti-counterfeiting of bank bills. In recent years, many criminals have extended their tentacles of fraud to bank counters and used fake deposit certificates to defraud deposits. As an anti-counterfeiting method, adding the IoT chip RFID chip to the certificate of deposit can greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting ability of the bill, can effectively identify the authenticity of the certificate of deposit, and combat the fraud of criminals.

In 2014, the Agricultural Bank of China Jiangsu Branch promoted RFID certificates of deposit to strengthen the risk control of counters. The bank fully promotes chip (RFID) certificates of deposit, uses packaging technology to add chips to ordinary certificates of deposit, and realizes the uniqueness of certificates of deposit through the combination of chip information and the Agricultural Bank production system to prevent the risk of copying and cloning of certificates of deposit.

In 2016, Henan Rural Credit Co., Ltd. adopted a new large-value certificate of deposit with RFID technology. The new large deposit certificate mainly incorporates anti-counterfeiting holographic label plus hot stamping technology and RFID chip technology. It has advanced technical level in anti-counterfeiting. Financial security.

RFID bank's various business management technologies achieve high efficiency and safety, which can greatly improve management methods, improve work efficiency, and ensure the safety of bank assets. Become the patron saint of assets.



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