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RFID asset management applications help business operations

RFID asset management applications help business operations

Assets exist in a variety of forms, such as common production materials, equipment, vehicles, desks, computers, cables, etc. They have the characteristics of high value, strong liquidity, and difficult security management. Fixed assets have the characteristics of large quantity, many types, high value, long use period, scattered use places, etc., which makes management difficult. There are many repetitive tasks in the traditional asset management methods in the past, and the difficulty of inventorying has not only caused greater pressure on the Guangzhou personnel responsible for these management, and it is difficult to track responsibility!

RFID asset management realizes the statistics and tracking of corporate assets through RFID technology. In fact, the actual things are consistent with the book, improving the efficiency of asset inventory and the return on investment. Assets are fully visible and information is updated in real time, allowing users to be more refined in asset management, enabling them to monitor the use and flow of resources in real time, thereby ensuring that the physical objects are consistent with the book.

Combining wireless radio frequency technology and wired radio frequency technology (network communication technology), first of all equip each valuable with an electronic tag, this electronic tag has a globally unique ID number. The handheld reader is used for asset inventory, and can quickly read the electronic tag information on the device, and send the read tag information to the background server for processing through the built-in communication method wireless communication module. The fixed reader is used for access control, which can ensure the identification of tags entering and leaving the warehouse.

Advantages of RFID asset management applications:

(1) The entire system has the characteristics of rapid remote identification, high reliability, high confidentiality, easy operation and easy expansion.

(2) Establish safe and reliable asset files, strengthen asset supervision through high-tech, rationally allocate resources, reduce resource waste, and prevent asset loss.

(3) Fully considering the actual situation of the company, studying the problem from the perspective of professional technology, and practically solving the problem of chaos and disorder and poor real-time performance in asset management. Provide an advanced, reliable, and applicable digital platform for automatic identification and intelligent management of incoming and outgoing assets, which will qualitatively improve the company's ability to manage internal assets in real time and dynamically.

(4) Make full use of the wireless remote transmission function of RFID automatic collection and communication, realize the real-time consistency of asset change information and system information, and realize effective real-time monitoring and recording of work processes by the background system, so that managers can Keep up to date with the allocation and use of assets.

(5) All asset data is input at once, and the system automatically judges the asset status based on the data collected by RFID readers in different areas.

Through the RFID asset management system to ensure the utmost use of tangible assets and safe flow, and help companies establish a set of advanced, standardized, and optimized management mechanisms, implement resource management in every aspect of business operations, help companies maximize To reduce operating costs and risks, thereby enhancing comprehensive competitiveness.

Information Collection

The staff assigns an RFID electronic tag to all designated assets, writes the asset information into the RFID electronic tag, and stores the information in the server through the corresponding software for identification.

Property assessment

When the staff inventories the assets, they only need to hold a handheld reader to read the RFID electronic tag information on the assets, and at the same time pass the read information to the server through the communication interface. Proceed accordingly. If there is a conflict between the scanned data and the existing data in the database, an alarm is generated.

Asset movement

1) An RFID reader is placed at the key entrance of each building. When the asset is taken away from the building, the asset RFID management system will check the transfer record. If the asset is transferred without authorization, the alarm will prompt the administrator to check it. When authorized to transfer assets, the system will automatically record travel time and make quick and convenient statistics of the number of assets.

2) When the staff wants to take a certain asset out of the company, it needs to go through security inspection. Security personnel will use the hand-held reader to enter or exit the gate to effectively and comprehensively scan the asset, and communicate with the server through the communication method, query the asset release list, and determine whether the asset is in the list. If it is in the list, record the travel time and quickly check the number of assets.

Asset management adopts RFID technology. Currently recognized as the most effective RFID non-contact automatic identification technology to comprehensively and effectively manage the storage, application and inventory life cycle of assets, assets, etc., and can be adjusted to record in detail Use, maintain, and scrap the whole process of management to achieve efficient and reliable fixed asset management.



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