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NFC with Convenient Function is Destined to be the Future Trend

News posted on: 2018/12/25 2:29:19 - by Naomi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

NFC with Convenient Function is Destined to be the Future Trend

NFC with Convenient Function is Destined to be the Future Trend


Now many mobile phones have added NFC functions, such as Xiaomi, Yijia 6, IPhone X, etc., all of which have this function, in which Xiaomi is a faithful promoter of NFC, and even the latest Xiaomi bracelet 3 is also Added NFC functionality. However, for the NFC function, many friends may only stay on the "bus card" side, but in fact, the NFC function is very powerful, in addition to peer-to-peer communication mode, as well as a perfect read and write function, if it matches with NFC tags, the phone will become more manipulative.

The earliest place apply to the NFC widely, is in United Kingdom. One of the most widely used is the city's informatization construction. Perhaps everyone feels this concept is a little blurry. Here, I'll give you an example. while you are entering a museum. Just use your mobile phone to get close to the NFC reading and writing area of the exhibits. All information about this exhibit will appear on your mobile phone.

In Europe and other places, some of the more prestigious cafes provide free WIFI services through the NFC function. For example, if we have free WIFI in our country, we must first scan the code and pay more attention to businesses and other annoying operations. And the people in Europe just need to touch it, that means you can enjoy the free WIFI.

Then it can be used as an access control card to simulate, plan travel routes, provide life information, and other functions that may have been tedious. It is easy to get through NFC, and these operations are already commonplace in foreign countries.

In the near future, it should be predictable: the NFC function is all over the place, driving a car with NFC-enabled analog card, touching a fixed location on the bus, and automatically turning on the driving mode; at meal time, ordering with NFC and touching the phone a moment, lightning payment... Such a quick life, do you expect it?


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