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New NFC Anti-turn-on Chip Technology for Medical Devices

News posted on: 2018/11/1 7:51:49 - by Naomi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

New NFC Anti-turn-on Chip Technology for Medical Devices

New NFC Anti-turn-on Chip Technology for Medical Devices

New NFC Anti-turn-on Chip Technology for Medical Devices

Schreiner MediPharm has introduced a new auto-injector that consists of an auto-injector and an NFC-enabled anti-open cover that allows the phone to read relevant information.

In 2011, the European Union passed the FMD (Falsified Medicine Directive). The Act introduces more stringent rules, with new, uniform, and pan-European measures to ensure the safety of drugs and the strict management of drug trade, requiring the use of packages with unique serial number codes for almost all prescription drugs for the entire supply. Tracking drugs in the chain, preventing counterfeit drugs from entering the legal supply chain, identifying possible counterfeit drugs in the supply chain system, and protecting patient safety. However, the main containers or equipment used for self-medication (such as autoinjectors) are not currently included in the list of requirements.

Currently, SchreinerMediPharm has developed an NFC label for autoinjection that allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to effectively prevent secondary packaging after the product has been opened. When the product is opened, the label records the product open status. Use the mobile phone to read the NFC cap. Before using the drug, the patient can check whether the product has been opened by the mobile phone and confirm it through the mobile phone database. Therefore, the patient can quickly and easily check the safety of the auxiliary injection device at any time and anywhere.

At the same time, pharmaceutical manufacturers can integrate additional interactive applications, such as product information, demo videos or applications, to help patients use the product more easily and safely. In addition, the integrated location tracking program can detect the application area and logistics traceability of the product.


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