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RFID parking management establishes a new image of property management

News posted on: 2019/7/16 1:01:48 - by Lynne - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID parking management establishes a new image of property management

RFID parking management establishes a new image of property management

With the rapid development of the social economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, household cars have entered many families. In recent years, the rapid growth of various types of vehicles, especially private cars, has become an important indicator of economic improvement. At the same time, the construction of transportation infrastructure and vehicle safety management are an important issue that every urban construction planner is increasingly facing. The operation of RFID smart card parking management is centered on the process of user vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot. Based on RFID technology, the RFID vehicle tags or electronic license plates are used to integrate the user's personal and vehicle information into the database. When entering the parking lot, the remote (3-10 meters) automatically senses the vehicle information, so that the owner can quickly enter the parking. RFID parking management establishes a new image of property management.

RFID parking management

The remote sensing parking lot management based on RFID technology is one of the more advanced automatic parking management methods. It is the development trend of parking lot management. Its security, stability and automation are not achieved by manual management. Its non-imitation, anti-interference, anti-impact, fast identification, intelligent identification will undoubtedly provide a new solution for all kinds of yard management. The system can realize the functions of automatic non-stop, automatic identification, automatic registration, automatic release, etc. The background management software can implement multiple functions such as viewing vehicle information, entry and exit time inquiry, report, payment record inquiry, information reminding and the like.

RFID parking management has the following functional advantages:

The identifiable fast moving target: Since the system has an effective distance of 10 meters between the identification card and the card reading system, it can recognize fast moving objects. Such as a car with a speed of 20 to 40 kilometers per hour.

High confidentiality: Identification devices and identification cards provide users with unique identification codes that virtually eliminate copying, forgery and cheating. In the system, each identification card has a unique identification code in the world that cannot be re-encoded or modified. In the course of work, the identification card generates a unique composite coded identification number, and the decoded composite signal sent back by the card must contain the correct card number encryption information, thereby achieving high confidentiality.

Good security and anti-interference: Adopt broad spectrum frequency hopping mode, with strong anti-interference ability, multi-target recognition, anti-collision communication protocol, effective binary tree anti-collision mechanism, not in the working area With the limitation and impact of the number of tags, up to 50 tags can be read per second.

High adaptability: The system has low requirements for the installation environment and can adapt to various environments from -30 C to +85 C.

Strict charge management: For the current manual cash collection method, on the one hand, the labor intensity is high and the efficiency is low. Another major drawback is the financially caused loopholes and cash loss. After using the RF intelligent parking lot management system, the charges for all vehicles are confirmed and counted by the computer, eliminating mistakes and cheating, and protecting the rights of the investors in the parking lot.

High degree of safety management: one card, one car, data archive, to ensure the safety of parking vehicles in the yard. Manual card issuance and card collection, it is inevitable that there will be omissions, because there is no record at any time, car accidents or false reports of car accidents occur, causing many troubles and economic losses to the parking lot. After adopting the automatic control management system, the monthly rent card and the stored value card consumers record the corresponding data in the computer, and the card can be reissued in time after the card is lost. Loss of time chart card can also be retrieved at any time and processed in time. At the same time, with the image contrast equipment, all kinds of parking cards have the license plate number archived, one card is dedicated, the license plate is wrong, the computer prompts at any time, and warns, not to leave.

Simple and durable operation: The operation process is fully automated, saving manpower and saving time. The passive RFID card used in this system is maintenance-free, has a long service life, is fully sealed, and is free from contact. Therefore, it is dustproof and waterproof. It does not need to open the gate manually. The system automatically reads the card, checks the card, and opens the gate.

The intelligent parking lot management system effectively prevents the damage and interference caused by human factors to the parking lot management through the remote passive radio frequency identification technology, realizes the intelligent scientific management of the parking lot of the building and the property community, can control the cost loss and improve the operation efficiency. To ensure the safety of the vehicle.

RFID technology is now widely used due to its selective diversification, including ultra-high frequency technology and active technology, and the low cost of using this technology. In addition, traditional access control systems using magnetic strips and proximity cards are being replaced by secure and convenient RFID technology.


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