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RFID technology is rapidly spreading in the security industry

News posted on: 2019/7/12 1:21:12 - by Margaret - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology is rapidly spreading in the security industry

RFID technology is rapidly spreading in the security industry

With the large-scale entry into the society, such as unmanned retail and shared bicycles, it has aroused widespread concern. The rapid development of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Technology) is becoming more and more widely used. Many industries have begun to use RFID technology, intelligent production, intelligent warehousing, unattended weighing, intelligent sanitation, intelligent security and so on. RFID has become a breakthrough in the homogenization of security products.

As one of the key technologies of security and Internet of Things, RFID is currently rich in related products and solutions, and the market application is gradually deepening. The application fields are expanding and expanding, especially in intelligent transportation, smart parking, smart access control, radio frequency security, personnel and Areas such as item positioning and track management have gradually gained very mature applications.

The rapid spread of RFID technology in the security industry is inseparable from its many performance characteristics, such as rapid scanning, small size, diverse shapes, reusable, penetrating and barrier-free reading, large data memory capacity, and pollution resistance. Durability and other environmental adaptability advantages allow RFID to cope with a variety of complex environments and ensure data security on the basis of large information storage capacity, data updates, readable and writable.

RFID has become a breakthrough in the homogenization of security products. At present, in security, whether in video surveillance or in the field of entrance and exit control, product homogenization has become a difficult problem for enterprises. How to break through the market through technological innovation, how to seize market opportunities through differentiation is the key to enterprise development. RFID technology can help traditional security to achieve problems that were not accessible in the past, and has begun to integrate into various security solutions.

But like other technologies, there are significant differences in domestic and international demand. In recent years, driven by the US Department of Defense and large European and American companies, the international standard for automatic identification has been established, and the price of UHF electronic tags has gradually declined. Its application fields have gradually shifted from car-related, security applications to modern logistics, electronics. In the fields of business, traffic management, e-government, asset management, and consumption, UHF enters a period of rapid development. In China, only the application of low frequency and high frequency is beginning to be common, but in terms of commercial logistics, China is still in the primary development stage.

RFID products have high stability, no mechanical wear and long service life, so the maintenance cost is relatively low. This is an important reason for the domestic users to accept and innovate the new RFID technology. In the future, under the development trend of intelligent management, RFID technology is bound to become more and more mature, and it has been paid more and more attention by the industry and is widely used.

The development trend of intelligent management has attracted much attention, and RFID technology has been paid more and more attention by more and more industries. The combination of Internet of Things RFID technology and security monitoring technology enables intelligent automation and information management. Constantly promote the intelligent construction of the city and create a peaceful, harmonious and stable modern society. Through RFID technology, a dynamic information resource library that is spatial, visual, and decision-making for people, vehicles, objects, sensors, and security is constructed to realize intelligent security management.


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