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What industries will be affected by the rapid development of RFID technology

News posted on: 2020/4/15 8:42:12 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

What industries will be affected by the rapid development of RFID technology

What industries will be affected by the rapid development of RFID technology

The non-contact identification of RFID technology has been well applied in many fields and has achieved good results. The application of RFID technology has been expanded to retail, security, clothing, production, warehousing, logistics and other aspects. RFID can quickly identify multiple items of information, can be applied to harsh environments, strong anti-pollution ability, large storage capacity, and can be applied repeatedly. What industries will be affected by the rapid development of RFID technology?

RFID technology has shown its broad application prospects in various industries in production, warehousing, logistics and other links. With the rapid development of the market economy, the maturity of RFID technology and the reduction in the price of RFID tags, RFID electronic tags will change the traditional one-dimensional bar code and two-dimensional code technology. If the two-dimensional code is an extension of the one-dimensional code label, then the birth of RFID is a revolution in the label industry. Its application areas are mainly in the following aspects:

1. Logistics Management

Logistics is the largest market application space for RFID, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the logistics link and provide technical guarantee for achieving zero inventory. The global retail giant Wal-Mart and Metro Germany have vigorously promoted the application of RFID tags. Both have realized the use of RFID technology in supermarkets to achieve product identification, anti-theft, real-time inventory and product expiration control.

2. Food Safety

Food safety is an important issue for people's livelihood in a country. RFID technology can ensure food safety in an all-round manner by carrying out full management records on the original planting or breeding process of food, as well as positive and reverse tracking of food circulation.

3. Commodity anti-counterfeiting

Commodity anti-counterfeiting can guarantee normal market order and consumer reputation, and has huge market space. Using RFID anti-counterfeiting technology and wireless communication network can realize the quality inspection of commodities at any time and any place. Pilot on medicines and other commodities.

4. Application in other fields

RFID has a very wide application space, such as in traffic management, military product management, security, animal breeding and pet management, library management and other fields, have great application prospects.

The rapid development of RFID technology has greatly improved the major fields, working efficiency, information collection, real-time transmission, etc., reducing the amount of manual work. The operation is simple and practical, and the work can be collected under the harsh link, and the information of multiple items can be read at the same time, and the service life is long.


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