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How does RFID technology ensure the security of the community

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How does RFID technology ensure the security of the community

How does RFID technology ensure the security of the community

Several common problems have been discovered in the recent theft incidents in several communities: the communication between the community security and the vehicles entering the community is not timely; the efficiency of handling the accident after the incident is low and the evidence collection effect is poor. For this reason, how to correctly handle and locate the information of personnel and vehicles entering the community is essential to improve the security of the community.

At present, the main function of the community security system is security. In order to create a safe and comfortable living environment for the residents of the community, a high standard and intelligent security system is needed. Most communities still use the patrol and duty of security personnel. This traditional method is inefficient and personnel The amount of labor is large, and unsafe factors are not well controlled. Even if some advanced communities adopt advanced intelligence and are equipped with relatively high-quality security personnel, these devices have the disadvantages of being expensive and easily damaged by humans. In short, the security effect is not obvious.

Considering the diversity and complexity of the roads that various buildings and people in the community may pass, it is necessary to install several readers and exchange them with the computer of the monitoring center through the communication line. At the same time, an electronic label is placed on each vehicle of the personnel entering the community to monitor and locate it.

In the working process of the RFID system, data is always exchanged through a certain time sequence based on energy. The reader provides working energy to the electronic tag. When the electronic tag enters the radio frequency identification field, the radio frequency wave emitted by the reader activates the tag circuit, interacts, and completes the data exchange. For simultaneous reading of multiple tags, a reader-first form or a tag-first form may be used.

In order to realize multi-tag conflict-free simultaneous reading, the reader first issues an isolation command to a batch of tags, so that the multiple electronic tags within the reader's reading range are isolated, and finally only one tag remains active and there is no conflict with the reader. Communication link. For the method of tag first sending, the tag randomly sends its own identification ID repeatedly, and different tags can be correctly read by the reader in different time periods to complete the simultaneous reading of multiple tags. For any electronic tag, it has a unique ID number. In most applications, it uses the back-end database to support the data attributes of the tag. The interface between the reader and the application system is represented by standard functions called by the development tools. The function generally includes the following aspects: the application system sends configuration commands and other instructions to the reader as needed; the reader returns its current configuration status and execution results of various instructions to the application system.

Every personnel vehicle entering the community must wear a security identification card (including personnel card and vehicle card)-radio frequency identification tag when it passes through the gate of the community. Its chip contains a unique identification code and the user specified Information, they can be read out by a reader in a non-contact manner within a certain distance. The dynamic monitoring system based on radio frequency identification technology can simultaneously perform non-contact, high-speed and accurate parallel tracking and identification of multiple target objects with radio frequency tags within a certain range, so as long as the radio frequency identification tags are placed on the personnel vehicles entering the community (Usually packaged in a card shape, so it is also called an RF card), when the personnel vehicle entering the community travels within the effective reading range of the reader, the system reader will automatically read the RF held by the vehicle Identify the ID number of the tag, and then the system will transfer the ID number of the tag and the related information of the personnel vehicle to the background system for processing.

After the previous introduction, it can be demonstrated that the security problems that have troubled the community have been solved to a large extent, and the effective identification, monitoring, monitoring and positioning of the personnel and vehicles in and out of the community have been achieved, so that the security system of the community fully reflects the "humanity, information And high automation to achieve the goal of a digital community. At the same time, the production cost of RFID ID cards is lower and the investment is less. Therefore, the scheme of applying this technology in the community security system is feasible.

Radio frequency identification technology (RrID) has now become a very hot topic. According to industry estimates, the RFID technology market will bring $ 3 billion to 10 billion in business opportunities in new products and services in the next five years. There is also a huge demand for servers, data storage systems, database programs, business management software, consulting services, and other computer infrastructure. Many high-tech companies are stepping up the development of RFID-specific software and hardware, and have invested heavily in the development of this technology and solutions. These companies include Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SUN and other Irr giants. And a recent item of Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, "requires its top 100 suppliers to use RFID technology when sending pallets and boxes to their distribution centers, so it can be said that RFID technology is becoming a popular new technology in the world.


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