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Under the epidemic, RFID helps labor-intensive enterprises warehousing to liberate labor

News posted on: 2020/4/8 8:52:00 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Under the epidemic, RFID helps labor-intensive enterprises warehousing to liberate labor

Under the epidemic, RFID helps labor-intensive enterprises warehousing to liberate labor

With the development of the company's business, the number and variety of daily import and export products have gradually expanded, and customer needs have become increasingly complex. Whether real-time management of warehouse inventory can be achieved has become an important factor affecting the establishment of a fast and efficient operating system. Combined with the inherent advantages of RFID technology in logistics tracking and management, a completely digital warehouse construction is carried out for the company to improve warehouse management efficiency.

demand analysis

Adopt advanced and mature RFID technology to track enterprise product logistics, collect product outbound data and information in real time, and manage and monitor the number and process of outbound products:

1) Product outbound management, check product quantity and product information.

2) After the product is loaded, the vehicle information is identified through the vehicle channel and matched with the product information.

3) Monitor product logistics process, realize logistics transparency, track and monitor product logistics process details.


1. Product information initialization process

The customer's product is written in pieces, and the product model and other information are written in the electronic label, and the electronic label is pasted on the product shelf as required.

2. Product storage process

After pasting and packaging the electronic label that holds the relevant information of this product on the product shelf and packaging it, the product shelf is moved to the warehouse and the storage is completed. The process is as follows: the storage administrator enters the content of the storage task list in the system, including the storage product The information such as the type and quantity in the shelf is automatically generated by the system and the storage operation is started: the RFID reader is activated, and the staff passes the product truck rack through the storage reader according to the printed storage order. The storage reader reads the information and quantity of the storage products on the product shelf. The warehouse staff moves the product shelves to the storage area for storage. After the storage task is completed, the system prompts the completion of the storage task, and prints out the storage confirmation form, and the warehouse administrator signs to confirm.

3. Product outbound management process

It is necessary to check the actual shipment quantity, model and other information when the product is shipped. The management process is as follows: the outbound administrator enters the type, quantity, and other information of the outbound product in the system to match the product shelf position. The system automatically generates the outbound task list and starts the outbound operation: start the RFID reader, the staff according to the print The outbound task list from the warehouse proposes that the product truck rack passes through the RFID outbound reader, the RFID outbound reader reads the information and quantity of all products in the shelf, and the system displays the quantity and information of the outbound warehouse. After the completion of one outbound task, the system prompts the completion of this outbound task, and prints out the outbound confirmation form, and the pickup staff signs to confirm.

4. Vehicle identification system

RFID readers are installed at the entrance and exit nodes of each vehicle channel. When the vehicle passes through the vehicle channel, the information data in the vehicle's electronic tag is read and uploaded to the central host, and the control center can grasp the vehicle information and each vehicle in real time. product information.


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