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Application prospects of RFID technology in pig industry

News posted on: 2020/3/30 10:43:18 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Application prospects of RFID technology in pig industry

Application prospects of RFID technology in pig industry

At present, due to the impact of swine fever, many farming industries have been affected unprecedentedly, and the price of hogs has soared, which has also attracted much attention of the pig industry. At present, the pig industry in our country is gradually developing from the traditional pig-style pig-raising method for farm households and pig-raising professional households to an intensive and factory-style pig raising method. How to manage efficiently and scientifically must have modern breeding technology and management information system as a strong technical guarantee to reduce costs and increase output. With RFID technology as the management means and computer LAN technology and database technology as the support, a business information platform framework for large pig farms is constructed.

The development trend of pig farms themselves is that the scale is getting larger and larger, and the degree of intensification is getting higher and higher, so the difficulty of management is becoming more and more difficult. The use of computer technology can make the management of pig farms more scientific, accurate, and capable of Effectively improve the benefits of pig enterprises. RFID electronic ear tags are used for pig breeding, and an electronic identification system is established for real-time, dynamic, and traceable information management. Once an epidemic situation occurs, the pollution chain can be identified in a timely manner, effective control and scientific decisions can be made to minimize unnecessary losses. RFID technology used in pig breeding is not only for the purpose of tracing the epidemic situation, but also to automate the breeding process, which has good economic benefits.

I. Realize semi-automatic or full automation of data collection and recording

Each pig has an electronic ear tag (passive RFID tag), and the breeder holds a reader to record information such as feeding, medicine, transfer and quarantine into the electronic ear tag or read the data in the electronic ear tag. This is a semi-automated method; some determinations require a fully automated method, such as sow estrus identification which requires automatic recording of the number, date and time of sows visiting the boar.

2. Establish a complete hog individual identification file to realize hog breeding

The whole process of tracking and tracing the immune ear tags of each pig has a unique electronic code, which can store information, can record key data during the growth of individual pigs, and establish a complete individual file. When deciding whether pigs can be sold on the market, you only need to read the data in the electronic ear tags to prevent pigs from being marketed during the withdrawal period, prevent source pollution, and achieve full tracking and tracing.

3. Realize the automation of breeder performance measurement, based on individual body conditions

When breeding pigs with electronic ear tags enter the automatic feeding station, the reader automatically reads their electronic ear tags, and the weighing sensor obtains the fasting weight, feed intake and feeding duration of the pigs. The obtained individual body condition data is transmitted to a background computer for processing, and the processed data is used as a parameter for evaluating the prediction model, optimizing the diet feeding scheme, and realizing fine breeding of breeding pigs.

With the continuous advancement of various high-tech technologies, RFID technology for pig breeding is a very good trend. Intelligent, scientific and technological breeding has become a hot spot. The maturity of RFID technology will vigorously promote the further development of automated feeding in the pig industry.


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