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​Have you Heard about NFC Payment?

News posted on: 2019/1/8 1:58:18 - by Naomi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

​Have you Heard about NFC Payment?

Have you Heard about NFC Payment?

NFC Payment

On mobile phones, there are two ways of payment we see everyday,NFC payment and two dimensional code payment. In which scenario are the two payment methods used? Which is the better one?

First, from the point of view of security, the industry generally believes that NFC payment is safer than two-dimensional code payment. NFC is a wireless radio frequency technology, with two-way authentication, data encryption and other means of communication, can achieve financial security level, NFC is relying on a bank card, belongs to a strong real-name account; two-dimensional code based on image recognition technology, using one-way communication, and there is a risk of forgery, two-dimensional code is relying on a third-party account, belongs to weak real account.

Two, from the convenience and speed of payment, the industry also thinks that NFC payment is better than two-dimensional code payment. In the interactive scenario of one-card public transport, NFC payment can communicate without waking up the mobile phone, and the user experience is better; while two-dimensional code payment requires waking up the mobile phone, opening APP and calling out two-dimensional code to pay, the process is cumbersome.

Three, from the application scenario, two-dimensional code payment is better than NFC payment. NFC payment requires mobile phones to carry NFC, and the need for payment terminals, but as mobile phone manufacturers produce more and more mobile phones with NFC payment function, flash POS machine gradually spread, I believe that this aspect of NFC will gradually make up for.

Through the above comparison, NFC payment is superior to two-dimensional code payment in security and convenience, compared with the lack of application scenarios will slowly catch up in the future.


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