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RFID handheld terminal helps store inventory control

RFID handheld terminal helps store inventory control

With the rapid development of the Internet information age, warehousing management has become an important part of the logistics industry. RFID applications are becoming more and more widespread. At present, RFID technology is already very common in warehouse management. Combining it with warehouse management systems can greatly improve warehouse efficiency and the safety and reliability of warehouse management. With the development of chain operations, the operation management and control of stores needs to be improved by informatization, especially the intelligent and informatized management and control of the warehousing links of stores. The intervention of RFID handheld terminals is of great significance to store management and control.

The RFID handheld terminal reader will complete the purchase, sale, inventory management of the goods and the member's information management in the process of information interaction during the operation of the chain store. Eliminate data errors caused by manual entry, manual recording, and manual sorting. Warehouse store management uses RFID electronic preface to operate, which greatly improves the operating power and accuracy of operation.

Goods handling: Including receiving handling, order handling, return handling and product handling. It is mainly used in order submission, product arrival and storage, shelf sales status, product query, return service, product cost calculation, etc. Traditional craft records are time-consuming, laborious, and inconvenient to store and search. So, how can we simplify this process through new methods? This will become an urgent problem for more managers.

Sales handling: including handling the sales status of the product and handling member handling related to sales, etc. The first is to use in the entry, reading, and modification of basic information such as the product's own materials, classification, details, price, current sales status, whether to discount or not, and the price after the discount. The second is the membership card and member materials. Go through. So, how can operators save the trouble of running back and forth between shelves and computers? Why don't they need to browse through mountains of materials? These are all issues worthy of consideration.

Inventory inventory: mainly includes inventory management and inventory management. If a process is formed through a certain method to link the materials sold at the front desk with the management of the inventory, so that the back-end database is updated from time to time, then a large number of forms, reports, and a large amount of manpower can be discarded, which is an improvement. Operating power also ensures the accuracy of information. The result of this is that the inventory work performed once a week or even a month can be shortened to only tens of minutes per day. It is more helpful for the operation manager to understand the operation status regularly, and then continuously revise the operation policy, which has a great promotion effect on the development and reduces the operation risk and loss.

RFID handheld terminal readers realize real-time and efficient data collection for store inventory. Store management is time-saving and efficient, greatly reducing the workload of staff, improving work efficiency, and accurately inventorying and managing inventory. RFID technology realizes the standardization and systematization of inventory management, allowing each store of the chain store to achieve systematic and standardized inventory management, establishing a perfect inventory management backstage, and improving store execution and management level.

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